Lassay les Chateaux Photos

Places to stay in France are not often next door to a chateau...

There are not many places to stay in Mayenne which overlook a castle and our holiday home in Lassay les Chateaux is also right next to a lake. The aerial photos show the remarkable location of the bungalow so you can see it’s a little different to most places to stay in Lassay les Chateaux. As you can see from the pictures the view is spectacular.

Moreover, unlike most holiday homes in Mayenne, it’s also a bungalow. This means you’ll have no steep stairs to climb to bed (and nothing to bang your head on!) You’ll find photos showing the inside and outside of the bungalow together with some showing the views through the windows.

Places to stay in France are often out-of-town - but not this one!

These are the photos of the outside, clicking a photos will make it bigger and you can select a specific view by clicking on the keyword. You’ll also find some aerial photographs of Lassay les Chateaux.

Holiday homes in Mayenne are not often bungalows...

This holiday home is over sixty years old but it’s all been newly renovated. So you’ll see the fittings are up-to-date and it’s all been freshly painted. There are also photos showing the views through the windows.

Place to stay in Lassay les Chateaux, countryside on your doorstep

Like most Mayenne holiday homes the countryside starts right outside the door. However unlike many French holiday homes the village centre with it’s local shops, banks, cafe’s and restaurants are only a five minute walk away. In fact all these photos were taken from the house or within 250m of the front door.

Lassay les Chateaux, a town with three castles

Few places to stay in Mayenne are only a five minute walk to a town centre (and what a town!) Lassay les Chateaux was largely built in the 15th Century so it is full of medieval charm. Yet it remains remarkably unspoilt and enjoyed by it’s 2,300 residents. There’s a weekly market every Wednesday and the fresh fish van visits on Thursdays. Fred with arrives with his pizza van on Mondays (but you’ll have to order early as it’s very popular). You’ll find patisseries, banks, several cafe’s and restaurants as well as a good range of shops. It’s close to the much bigger town of Mayenne and the city of Laval is about half an hour by car. There has been a town festival in July for the last twenty five years. The town fills with large antiques market but there are a myriad other activities.

Lassay les Chateaux, in the Parc Naturel Régional Normandie-Maine

Places to stay in Mayenne are are surrounded by beautiful countryside and Lassay les Chateaux is no exception. It’s a lovely region, understated and full of old world charm, unspoilt and traffic-free (so great for cycling, particularly along the river tow paths). Lassay les Chateaux sits on top of a small hill so unusually for this part of France there are long views and big skies with spectacular sunsets. Lassay les Chateaux is in the “Parc Naturel Régional Normandie-Maine” (rather like a UK National Park) so it’s particularly nice. Also the complete lack of light pollution make dark nights stunning.

Places to stay in Mayenne enjoy access to Brittany, Normandy and the Loire!

Lassay les Chateaux is convenient for trips to Brittany, the Pays-de-la-Loire, Normandy Beaches, Le Mans motor-racing circuit and more. If you click the next button you can see photos of the surrounding region.

A place to stay in the Parc Naturel Régional Normandie-Maine

Mayenne holiday home opposite the castle in Lassay les Chateaux!


Places to stay are not often in walking distance of shops and restaurants, come and stay in a unspoilt corner of France where the Pays de la Loire meets Normandy and Brittany…

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