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All about the castle…

There is no escaping the castle, the town is called Lassay-les-Châteaux so I guess the clue really is in the name. The French language-readers will see it’s the plural of castles, so yes there is more than one castle in Lassay but the other two castles are a little less obvious.

Like most of the property here it’s made of kind of granite that contains iron giving it a lovely rust coloured tint and it certainly changes colour spectacularly throughout the hours of a sunny day. The view captivated Victor Hugo who sat on the banks of the lake and drew a sketch of the castle, he was passing through on a walking holiday and stayed in the pub in the village square (which bears his name today). He’d tried to get inside the castle by essentially knocking on the door but like writers everywhere was chased away as a “vagabond”!

The castle has a long, colourful history that is well described here:


or in English in this article from Country Life magazine in 2017.


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